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Pathway Energetic Wellbeing

Massage and Energetic Modalities
Services Explained
My Services
  • Assists with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ailments

    45 min
    77 Australian dollars
  • Assists with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ailments

    30 min
    50 Australian dollars
  • Used to facilitate change in all areas of your life

    1 hr
    110 Australian dollars
  • Relaxes the body, is restorative & provides calm, balance and flow

    1 hr
    90 Australian dollars
  • A relaxing all-over general massage / massage + Reiki/Reflexology to d...

    1 hr 30 min
    120 Australian dollars
  • Reduce or eliminate pain, soreness or discomfort to your Back

    30 min
    55 Australian dollars
  • 3 hrs of pampering of up to 4 modalities of your choice; your body wil...

    3 hr
    300 Australian dollars
  • Aims to treat imbalance & enhance the body's innate healing ability th...

    45 min
    70 Australian dollars
  • Learnings and Attunement for Reiki I, traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho

    4 hr
    200 Australian dollars
  • Second Degree, Usui Shiki Ryoho

    8 hr
    500 Australian dollars

What are my Services?
How can they Help You?



Kids (up to 15yrs) $50.00

Reiki is universal life force energy.  It is a light touch / hands over holistic modality that aims to restore balance to the body to assist in healing, increase energy levels and promote relaxation and wellbeing.  


Reiki is used for the treatment of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ailments.  It promotes a calmness and connectedness that often cannot be achieved in any other way; it can also help to subtly let go of whatever is not serving you, and brings clarity and an alignment back to truth.

Most clients report feelings of deep relaxation and tingling or warmth in certain areas; some clients see colours or patterns, and others report being transported or guided on a journey during a session.  Afterwards, most clients feel less stressed, have an overall sense of peace, and pain is eliminated or reduced.

Access Bars®


Access Bars® is a gentle hands-on modality, whereby 32 unique points on the head correlate to different areas and aspects of life; when gently touched, the associated electromagnetic charges of all thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, emotions and beliefs that may have been imprinted and limited you in these life areas are effortlessly and easily released.


Once your mind is out of the way, you the being, are free to play!  By getting your Bars® run, you are literally changing the probabilities of future possibilities.  

Bars® is a tool that facilitates a different way of functioning on the planet; the more you have your Bars® run, the more you start to perceive the possibility of functioning from perceiving, knowing, being and receiving.

The Bars® are about the body learning to receive; true receiving is when the body is allowed to have choice about what you hold on to and allowing your body to create other choices and other possibilities.  Bars® can be used to facilitate change in all areas of your life;  ultimately, being willing to function from more consciousness opens the doors to all healing.

Swedish (Relaxation) Massage

1 hr / $90.00 OR

 1.5 hrs / $120.00

Swedish Massage is potentially the most well-known type of massage therapy.  It is an overall general massage that targets the uppermost layer of muscles promoting relaxation by releasing muscle tension.  A Swedish massage is designed to relax the entire body via long, gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart. The techniques used in a Swedish Massage include:  effleurage (a type of gentle short and long stroking, including the use of forearms, fists, palms or elbows); petrissage (what you think of when muscles are kneaded, including lifting, rolling, stretching, compression and squeezing); tapotement (tapping or stimulation techniques such as hacking, pummelling or pounding, cupping, tapping); vibrations and frictions (circular thumbs, reinforced circular fingers, thumb stripping, fingertip frictions).  

With that said, the benefits of Swedish Massage go beyond relaxation.  It can also help with physical conditions, including relieving muscle pain and tension, stress and anxiety, improve blood circulation and sleep, and help people to cope better with illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, stomach problems, lower back pain, etc.

Swedish Massage is incredibly enjoyable. It is restorative, working with the muscles and soft tissues to provide calm and balance, and have an overall effect on wellbeing.



Reflexology is a holistic, non-invasive natural therapy that aims to treat imbalance of the body and enhance its innate ability to heal itself.  Reflexology is based on the principle that every part of the body is interdependent and the human body needs to maintain a state of balance for optimal energy flow and health.  As such, all the organs, glands and parts of the body have representing reflexes on the feet, and massaging or stimulating these reflexes using specific techniques will have a direct effect on the corresponding organ.  All areas of the foot / body are worked on during a Reflexology treatment.

Reflexology can be used for similar conditions and benefits as massage, aiming to keep Chi flowing through the body to keep it balanced and healthy.


Meet Karen

Energetic Modality Practitioner

I have been a certified Reiki practitioner for over 20 years, and am fully qualified as an Access Bars® Practitioner, a certified Swedish Masseuse (which includes a modified form of Thai Massage) and Reflexologist. I have also obtained my Reiki Master and Teacher training and attunement.  My passion is helping people achieve their individual zen and balance in order to become the best version of you possible.  My aim is to inspire you to source light, love, joy and connection to balance the body by fully exploiting our natural, sustainable plant-based materials and energetic massage services.  I do not think of myself as a healer, rather an enabler for wellbeing.

I am a mother of 2 young, active kids, and wife to a wonderful soul.  I love nature and gardening, particularly Australian natives and wildflowers; you will get to see our wonderful sensory aromatic garden on your journey to our front door, as well as our Australian Native Bee hives.  We also have a honey bee hive (don't worry, you won't be walking past that one, although we do sell the honey from time to time).  I have had a very diverse working background, yet have always held a passion for alternative therapies, in particular energetic modalities.  I also love aromatherapy, using both essential oils and bush flower essences for most of my adult life, and since having my own family I have integrated them into our daily lives - from personal hygiene, to cleaning, diffusing and our own health purposes.  


All of the modalities I use in clinic are based on the principle of Chi (pronounced chee, also known as Ki, Qi, or Prana), which is the general term for the universal life force energy that flows through every living thing.  The chi energy flowing in you is what gives you vitality and fullness of life.  It is my belief that when a person feels stressed, their body blocks chi causing an imbalance that will eventually lead to illness or dis-ease. The services I provide aim to keep chi flowing through the body, thereby keeping it balanced and healthy.

I'm happy to talk to you about your needs and how my services may help you. 

How can life get any better than this!?


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